New Photo Project Highlights Gorgeous Aussie Men

January 31, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

For his latest project, photographer Paul Freeman takes us to the land Down Under where the beards do flow and men plunder... your b hole, hopefully. We get up close and personal with an array of stunning Aussie men lounging around while buck ass nude. Actually, it's not even the nude ones that are stealing the thunder here, because Mr. Chef is serving up a delish bulge with a side of tight, ripped undies and it's working for me in a major way. Come. And. Git. IT.

Here's what Paul Freeman has to say about the series:

In the two years since my last book, Outback Dusk, was released, I have continued shooting, traveling to some great locations, which is why I find I have a large library of new work. I have divided some of this into these two new photographic collections. The titles in this new series will include the word Larrikin, a term that is probably only familiar to Australians. I explain the word in an introduction in the first book, and how it in so many ways conveys my male aesthetic, since it basically refers to a man of free spirit, a bit rebellious and questioning of standards and mores. The introduction, which I hope you will find interesting, also explores the origins of this aesthetic, my childhood and early loves and influences.

Freeman set up a Kickstarter for his two new books, Larrikin and Larrikin Yakka, so if you would let these guys into your Outback you might want to check it out. head to the gallery for all the Aussie goodness you can handle!

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