Scott Riley and Ashton Mckay Have No Problem Putting On A Show At!

January 31, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Ashton Mckay's friend shows up, and he and Scott Riley continue to fuck while being watched through the window.

[WATCH: "Reverse Peeping Tom" - Drill My Hole (via]

Call this a "reverse peeping tom" if you will.

Ashton Mckay has movie star good looks, a great body, and a cock that is just right.

While it's not a baby's arm, it's also not tiny - it's pretty substantial. You could deep throat him, get him off and feel pretty accomplished!

Scott Riley is the bottom we all love to love...with the bottom we all love to love.

I mean, yeah, he's got beautiful eyes, and a great body (with the legs of someone whom definitely does crossfit). But that booty is one to be admired.

Luckily, when you put these two together, they put on a show for their watcher!

Scott bends down to suck Ashton's cock. As he puts on a show for their stalker, Ashton gets a show as he looks down, too.

(and, I know I hate when people comment about random things in gay porn, like a model's eyes being too close together. But what even are these shoes Ashton has on? He's still movie-star pretty, but it's something that needed to be said.)

Then these two take things to the bed, and Ashton pounds Scott's muscle ass.

Finally, these two finish their session in missionary and Scott shoots a huge load all over his chest.

Is the year of our LORD 2017 the year that finally gives up on fake cum shots? The real thing, even if it isn't buckets of cum, is much hotter anyway.

Do you like to get watched while being fucked, do you like to watch, or do you prefer to fuck in the privacy of your own home?


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