Wild Things: Hot Dudes Seductively Posing With Animals

January 30, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency

File Under: Holy Upper Thing Hair and Lose Leg Openings On Boxer Briefs Batman! Photographer Walter Jenkel delivers the photo series that you really didn't know you needed, and it's full of absolute pieces posing with a variety of animals while showing off some fur of their own. I definitely spy an otter or two. Bulges, light scruff, heads of hair that you could lose your dick in, tight bods, and surprising tufts of hair here there and everywhere are definitely in vogue. Oh, and an ass. Don't forget that ass.

If these pictures are doing it for you, you're not alone, because the Gay Internet is eating this stuff out. I mean, up. Here's the jizz-st: Via Advocate

In Barcelona photographer Walter Jenkel's work, the carelessness of the boys, the un-art-directed quality of the locations, all have a spontaneous magic. That Jenkel's young models have a feral look further emphasizes a back to nature, utopian mood.

Basically, this will be a perfect addition to your Bookmark Bar alongside the doomsday clock. Also, please tell me you're 100% seeing Johnny Rapid in the wolf picture and Brent Corrigan in the wet wife beater with frogs picture. Head to the gallery to get in touch with your animal instincts and check out Jenkel's website to follow his work!

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