Insta Model Levi Jackman Foster Delivers Dick In Photo Shoot

January 27, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Instagram models are usually shirtless and usually flash their butts a tasteful two to three times a year, but few of them ACTUALLY deliver the goodies - unless they have leaked dick pics like Laurent Marchand. Well, in walks Levi Jackman Foster, who cuts to the chase and shows us his penis in a new photo series titled "Doubting Thomas" which comes from Where It Was Taken. Foster has an unreal ass that doubles as a shelf big enough to eat out, I mean on, but lezbereal, dick and balls are where it's at!



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Levi Jackman Foster is an artist as well as an Instagram model, and had a hand in this photo series with the help of Luke Fontana (who is actually someone). Here's his brief statement on the piece:

 An interpretive photo introduction to my growing up gay, Mormon and rejecting its confines.

And the confines of his clothes. Be free! Levi comes complete with a ripped bod covered in fur, and has a cute 'lil face that juxtaposes wonderfully with his fat junk. But enough art talk! Check out the nude Levi Jackman Foster pictures in the gallery as well as some of his creamy nude Instagram moments.

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Images Via Where It Was Taken and Instagram

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