Jimmy Durano and Will Wikle Fuck on Fire Island

January 26, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

After spending a day at the beach, these two calm down with a shower...and some shower sex!

[WATCH: Jimmy Durano Fucks Will Wikle - Cockyboys]

Watch these two get down in Will's first non-movie scene for Cockyboys

All last year, we heard from Cockyboys that Will Wikle was set to make his porn debut. Then nearly 10 months after the initial announcement, it finally happened, and we saw Will Wikle debut alongside Colby Keller and Levi Karter in "The Stillest Hour".

As we've all been hurt by gay porn before, as we've all had a favorite who has moved on and retired, we all hoped that Will Wikle, with that amazing body and gorgeous ass, wasn't just going to leave us with starring in one film.

And though we've ALL been hurt by Jake Jaxon in 2016, he delivered!

Will Wikle is Back to star in his first "actual" porn scene, alongside Jimmy Durano.

First these two spent the day falling in love around Fire Island, and then they headed home to take a hot shower.

Emphasis on hot, as Jimmy gets his tongue ALL the way into Will's hole.

Then Will bends over and lets Jimmy take his entire hole.

After Will's suggestion, these two take it to the lounge chair, and Jimmy continues to rail.

Once Will shoots his load on Jimmy's chest, Jimmy pays Will back with a load of his own, and even feeds it to him!

As Will says, flirting can turn into more relatively quickly on the island, as it's a haven for gay sex. So though the location is cliche, it's only fitting that these two had fun here.

Not to mention, I guess Mason Star (if these two are still together) has trained Will right, in both sex in front of a camera and behind it!

Who would you like to see Will Wikle get paired with next?


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