Bennett Anthony Pees in Sean Duran's Butt at Bromo

January 19, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Bennett Anthony experiment with golden showers and rough fucking as their piggy natures come to light

[WATCH: "Piss Pigs: Scene One" - Bromo]

You don't want to miss this pair's turn into kink city at Bromo

We all have our fetishes - some more than others.

If you’ve been following the “Greasers” series at Naked Sword, Trenton Ducati seems to love boys in white socks - every scene has a boy wearing them.

But in one of Bromo’s latest scenes, Sean Duran and Bennett Anthony play around with one of their favorite fetishes: Watersports.

They also fuck bareback, but with the normalization of condomless gay sex, and the fact that all of Bromo’s scenes are bareback, calling it a fetish in 2017 AD seems debatable at best and nefarious at worst.

From Bromo:

"...the two decide to deep-throat each other's massive cocks. Watch Bennett powerfully thrust into Sean's hot muscle ass raw and end this titillating fuck-fest with a hot golden shower that is sure to get your juices going."

”Sure to get your juices flowing” is a brilliant way to describe a watersports scene, and I hope it was more intentional than not.

While there's certainly much to love about Bennett (especially if you love gingers), one of the biggest things to love IS that massive cock.


Seriously - who wouldn't want to pee on a butt like Sean Duran's?

And with an ass like that, it's easy to see why Bennett got so turned on. It's ALSO easy to forget that Sean has a FAWN tattooed on his head, and the Ferrari tattoo on his arm, but I won't let you forget those.

(sidenote: Sean has always been a muscular dude, but has he bulked up in recent months? He's looking ridiculously cut.)



First, these two start off with a little kissing, then move on to some nip play.



The Garrett certainly plunges his raw cock into Sean's hole.

Is that the look of pain, pleasure, both, or neither?



Then, we finally get to see Bennett Anthony pee all over Sean Duran.

Then we get to see him pee in Sean Duran's butt. That causes Sean to get so turned on that he cums all over his chest. And as you all know, Sean's ass muscles clenching around Bennett's cock, sends him into overdrive.

But you'll have to see that on Bromo.


While watching Bennett pee in Sean's butt (and watching Sean get turned on) was fantastic, the only thing that would have made this scene better, is if it were a flip-flop fuck, and we got to see Sean bee all over Bennett. But maybe that's what "Piss Pigs: Scene 2" will be about. Let's keep our hopes up.

What is your kink of choice? Piss, like Sean Duran and Bennett Anthony, or something different?


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