This Is Model Ben Todd And Here's His Penis

January 16, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Ben Todd is an Instagram model and fitness something who from the neck up has the smooth, doe-eyed look of a twink, but from the neck down is a BEAR. I mean RAWR, this is the kind of body hair that will keep you warm in the forest. In addition to showing off his shredded body, cute face, blue eyes, and shag carpet, we also get to look at Ben Todd's penis thanks to some modeling pictures (in the gallery below). They look like the kind that you see in documentaries about gay actors in the 80's. Or like 50's. Or like 1800's. Whatever the look they're going for is, IT WORKS.



A photo posted by Ben Todd (@ben_todd2) on



A photo posted by Ben Todd (@ben_todd2) on


Scrolling through Ben Todd's Instagram, it looks like he's flirted with some of the Insta model staple shots such as bulging out Calvin Klein underwear and even showing off a teasing amount of ass crack. But really, who needs Instagram when we can see Ben's perfect ass and chunky cock! Check out the pics below as well as some of his Instagram guy-lights in the gallery. Yes? No? Maybe?

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