Landon Gives Cassian A Good, Hard Game

January 13, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

First, Landon challenges Cassian to a game of basketball. Then the two play a game of "hide the salami".

[WATCH: "Landon and Cassian: Bareback" - Sean Cody]

Watch Landon give Cassian the ride of his life at Sean Cody

First, these two get their blood flowing with a little game of basketball.

As they're playing, though, Landon notices Cassian's bubble ass - he gets distracted, and his thoughts immediately become dirty.

We had to ask Landon the obvious, “Did you see his ass?”
Landon was very excited to answer, “I do see his ass! Let’s go see if we could go give him a good game!”

We'll leave the judging of the quality of Landon's game up to you.


And immediately, Landon is hard just thinking about Cassian's bubble butt.

And immediately, you'll be hard staring into Landon's eyes, looking at that perfect body, and drooling over that cock. Talk about a hard curve to the right - I guess it's safe to assume he's left-handed?


But, it's not hard to see why - Cassian's bubble ass is a thing of beauty.

So round, so perky, so perfect.

I guess it's safe to assume he does his squats?


Then they play "hide the salami". First Cassian sucks Landon off, getting his cock ready for some action...

It looks like Cassian struggled at first. But once he got a feel for it, (and once his throat opened up) he REALLY savored the flavor.


Then Landon gives Cassian the ride of his life.

It was deep, it was rough, it was bareback. Both boys looked extremely satisfied after.


Needless to say, Landon did give Cassian a good, hard game.

What gets you working up a sweat - a good game of sports, sex, or both?


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