Shirtless Joe Jonas Is Insanely Sexy, Looks Unreal For Guess

January 11, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Joe Jonas has hit the big time recently thanks to the success of his band DNCE, and you can now catch him in a steamy new campaign for Guess underwear alongside Charlotte McKinney! And guess what? If you liked 300 but thought "I wish their faces looked less attached to their bodies," then boy oh boy are you in for a treat. Whoever Photoshopped these images really wanted to make sure Joe Jonas' abs as well as his face / body connection were as confusing as possible. 300 got me WHET so I'm like lusting everything about this. I wish it looked more insane.

There's a chance you still haven't taken your eyes off of Jonas' bulge in the Guess spread, and for that I don't blame you! The boy works the hell out of his penis pouch, especially in the gray underwear. Yummers. While most of Joe's body hair has been eviscerated either by a maniacal stylist or through the Shop, he does Nick Jonas proud by showing off his pit bush. Dare I say he gives better pit than Nick? Jk no one does. Here's the jizz-st of what Joe Jonas has to say about his first ever underwear shoot: Via E! News

"It's been a fun shoot," Jonas admits, "and my first time doing [an ad] in underwear, so it's pretty exciting."

To look his best for the sexy photo shoot, Jonas dieted and did "a lot" of boxing and cardio with his trainer. "She put me through the ringer," he admits. The 27-year-old "Body Moves" singer adds that stripping down to pose for Yu Tsai was a "fun," "exciting," "life-changing experience."

Understandably, Jonas was a bit nervous to disrobe for the camera. "It can be a weird thing to be sitting there in your underwear being photographed," he reveals, "but overall I had a blast."

"Everybody on set was great," Jonas adds. "You feel comfortable."

Good good good. This bodes well for him being comfortable showing his dick someday. I hope. 

Via E! News

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