Hans and Hugh Do the 'Do On The Roof

Not only does Hugh Hunter fuck Hans Berlin - He does it atop an NYC rooftop on a beautiful day

[WATCH: Hugh Hunter and Hans Berlin - Cazzo Club]

The action unfolds courtesy of Cazzo Club

Unlike most gay porn which is made in 'Merica (Or even the Euro stuff, which is mainly shot in London) Cazzo Club is based in Berlin. So by default, it's the piggiest mainstream gay porn of all. But even everyone must deviate from what makes them great, even if only occasionally.

And with Hans Berlin in their latest scene, Cazzo Club PROBABLY thought a german with a German city as his last name, shooting in Germany was too meta (though Titan Men didn't think that casting Dallas Steele, who was once upon a time a news anchor in Dallas, to play a news anchor in one of their scenes wasn't), so they shot this scene in NYC, and brought Hugh Hunter along!

And they took advantage of the beautiful weather and had sex outside on a beautiful day! What more could you ask for? 

Hugh Hunter looks great, but Hugh Hunter Looks great. That mischievous grin looks like he's gonna give Hans some SERIOUS pipe.


Hans Berlin looks yummy too - like he's ready to get FUCKED.

Are you ready to watch?



These two start off with some oral fun...



...then Hugh primes Hans' (really beautiful) hole for some fucking.



Now if you want to see that fucking, you'll have to head over to Cazzo Club and check it out!

Are you a fan of Public Sex? Where's the dirtiest place you've ever done it?

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