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2015 was the year of Gus Kenworthy on the Gay Internet because the Olympic skier had just come out of the closet and we were all picturing him stuffing our holes full of creamy goodness. I mean, we were inspired by his bravery. Throughout 2016 we've seen Kenworthy settle into his new role as King Athletic Gay like a pro, and thanks to his panache for Instagram, we've gotten some great looks at his smoking hot boyfriend, actor Matt Wilkas! In the new "Love Issue" of Out Magazine, Gus and Matt share their coming out stories and open up about their romantic relationship, and it's actually so endearing and cute you might puke. Here's the jizz-st of what the lovers have to say in Out Magazine: Via Out (link below) 

Kenworthy: When I was in high school I realized, Oh, I’m actually really into guys and want to hook up with them, but that was not an option at all. I’d just turned pro in skiing, and I was traveling, so there were girls at events, and they’d get pushed on you, and it was hard to circumnavigate that. Then, when I was 18, I met my first boyfriend, Robin, who was also involved in the ski industry, working in film and photography. He didn’t know he was gay, he didn’t know I was gay, and we became friends. Then, after a night of drinking, I decided to make a move. I set it up so that if he freaked out, I would just say, “I’m so sorry, I drank too much,” but he reciprocated, and that was the start of a five-year relationship. It was completely in the closet — we presented ourselves as friends. We’d get hotel rooms with two beds when we were at ski events. He’d stay in another room at my parents’ house. It was sad.

Wilkas: Gus reached out to me on Instagram, and he was very sweet. I think he said he really liked my sense of humor and thought I was funny, and I thought, Who is this guy? I didn’t know what free-skiing was. I’d just come out of a relationship and was going to therapy and wasn’t really in the right place, so when he asked me out, essentially on a date, via Instagram, I couldn’t do it.


: I’d written him a message on Instagram while Robin and I were on a break — I’d seen Matt in the movie Gayby, and he’d popped up on my Instagram with these videos he makes, and I watched a few of them — he used to do these ones with a silly chick who wiggles when the sun hits her, and I thought they were really funny. I followed him, he followed me back, and I wrote him this really long message on Instagram. I said, “Hey, I think you’re really funny, and you seem really sweet, and I’ve been enjoying following you on Instagram, and actually I’m in the closet right now, and I’m coming to New York in a couple of weeks if you want to get a coffee or something.” He got back to me to say that he’d love to get a coffee. We did not get a coffee — I texted him the last day I was in New York, and it didn’t work out, and I thought that it was probably for the better.

Wilkas: A year later, when Gus reached out again for a drink, I thought, OK, I’ll do it. Look at his picture — he’s adorable. Why not do this? But I was very nervous and insecure — he was much younger than me, and then I found out we were going to dinner on his birthday. He was on a trip with his mom and friends. 

Kenworthy: We went to [the restaurant] Westville. He was already drinking — I think it was a blueberry mojito — so I got one too. The conversation was really easy, and we kissed outside the restaurant after dinner, and then he walked me back to my hotel and went on his way. We texted throughout the night, and the next day he came to the hotel to hang out again. I was actually there with my mom — but she was out wandering around, so Matt and I hooked up for the first time. Then we had a drink with my mom, and she invited Matt to join us for dinner, and he said, “Oh, no, I wouldn’t impose myself like that,” but she forced him to join us. My mom’s amazing, so funny and cool. She loved Matt right away.

Obviously, Gus is the bottom because he does most of the gabbing. Also, is it really that easy to reach out to celebrities on Instagram and date them? Good to know. By the time you've read this I'll probably already be crowning with Nick Jonas' baby.  

Via Out Magazine

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