Jason Vario fucks Bruno Bernal in Raging Stallion's Latest Scene

December 20, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

The Hung Dominant Top Has Only Shot A Few Scenes, But Has Made Waves In His Short Time In Front Of The Camera

[WATCH: "Backstage Pass Two" - Raging Stallion]

You guys loved Jason Vario in Titan Men's "Cauke For President". He was the unsung hero / Secret service agent who protected everyone, and as a by-product got to fuck everyone! He showed his star power in scenes alongside Bruce Beckham and Alex Graham - many of us wondered if we'd see more of him.

Luckily the answer is yes, as he appears in work for Raging Stallion.

It's not Titan, so it doesn't have the high "production value", but for a scene to be this hot while lacking in set is enough in and of itself.

For one, look how beautiful Jason Vario is.

Though he's got a huge cock, one of the best parts about watching him fuck is seeing his beautiful muscular ass flex and release.



Luckily Bruno Bernal is built for taking cock.

Look at his muscular ass! Probably one of the only few that stands a chance against Bruno Bernal's cock.


First Bruno takes as much of Jason's cock into his mouth as he can, getting it ready for a good pounding.



Then Jason quickly returns the favor. First, he fucks Bruno's hole with his tongue...


Then, he impales Bruno's ass with his cock.



So IS Jason Vario going places?

Hard to say. He HAS only done a handful of scenes, but they've all been great. The interesting thing? Gay porn mirrors pop music so much. There can only be one brown one on top at any given time. In pop right now? It's Beyoncé. Gay porn right now? There isn't one. But look at porn stars who share a hue similar to his that are arguably some of the most popular of all time - Matthew Rush and Austin Wilde come to mind.

Both those guys were just black exotic enough that they were able to make HUGE careers. And I may be calling it too soon, but I wouldn't be surprised if Jason Vario followed in their footsteps.

He isn't the next big porn star yet, but maybe in a week he will be.

Whom would you like to see Jason Vario Fuck Next?


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