Chris Pratt Talks Passengers Nudity, Bares His “John Oliver"

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Chris Pratt was on The Late Late Show with James Corden alongside Olivia Munn, and among other things, the two discussed nudity clauses. Go on... Olivia Munn stars in Office Christmas Party, where apparently you can find uncircumcised nude extras. Go onnn.... Also, Chris Pratt divulges just how much of himself we'll get to see in the upcoming sci-fi flick Passengers as well as his ball. Go. On. 

Here's what Munn has to say about getting paid to stare at a guy's uncut dick on the set of Office Christmas Party: Via E!

We told them do whatever you want, and if you want to get naked you can," Munn recalled. "I remember there was this one guy who was sitting there just spread eagle completely naked and he'd been sitting there for five days. He gets used to it and we don't, and at one point he goes, 'Hey Olivia, one second.' And he's sitting on the ground. I'm like, 'Yeah what's up?' and he's like, 'I've always wanted to ask you, what's Jon Stewart like?'"

"I know that you're not circumcised, so this makes this conversation difficult for me," she ended the story. "It's all I could see."

And, more importantly, here's the jizz-st on Chris Pratt's nudity in Passengers:

Corden then mentioned seeing Pratt's "backside" in his upcoming movie Passengers. "You don't see my Jon Stewart," he joked.

"You don't see your Jon Stewart, but you do see your John Oliver," Corden quipped.

"You see my butt," Pratt admitted.

Pratt's film nudity made Munn curious about whether the rules are the same for men and women. "You really stipulate exactly what they are and are not allowed to film," Pratt explained.

"Your contract is butt cheek and one ball," Corden noted. "That's what everyone says."

"Well, I only have the one ball!" Pratt said. "I don't let them see the upper part."

Wait, what the fuck is the upper part? Check out the video below with the straight James Corden!

Chris Pratt's Butt in 2008

Via: E!

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