Gay Daddy Model Delivers So Much Dick In Artsy Photo Shoot

December 15, 2016 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


If you weren't already convinced that daddy dick is the best dick in the world, meet Russian model Łukasz Iwaszkiewicz. This guy might actually be Wolverine, and has a muscly - but not too muscly - bod covered in the perfect amount of body hair. And when I say perfect, I mean, honestly, it's distributed in the way that seems like he got an unfair amount of attention from Jesus and Mother Nature. And of course, this guy also gives good face, and has as much going on from the neck up as he does the rest of his body. Łukasz sure isn't shy in front of the camera, and goes through a series of come-hither poses that feature his delish daddy dick.

Here's what photographer Xander Hirsh has to say about the project, titled "At His Place:"

I shot this extremally hot guy with beautiful, hairy body while I was at concert in Warsaw. He knew I wanted something “edgy”, so he was really open, self-confident and hot as hell. He gave me exactly what I wanted and even let me shoot him, while he was taking shower. I hope you will enjoy this photos as much as I did.” says Xander Hirsh about his story.

Imagining that Łukasz has an even thicker accent than what I'm assuming Hirsh has makes him even hotter, if that was even possible. I'll stop gushing and let you guys do some gushing of your own with these sexy nude pictures of the gay daddy to beat! Make sure to head HERE for even MOAR.

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