New FTM Trans Site Jock Pussy Makes Its Debut

December 7, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

The new site will focus on female-to-male transgender porn

[WATCH: Damien Hyde and Luke Hudson in Las Vegas - Jock Pussy]

Female-to-male transgender porn star and escort Luke Hudson will be the primary star. He stars alongside Damien Hyde in Jock Pussy's latest scene

As we all know, gay porn is a-changing. Sites are putting aside the tried and true, and are doing anything they can to appeal to new users, and set themselves away from the norm. Earlier this year, Naked Sword launched a new site, Naked Sword Film Works (NSFW if you didn't see what they did there, and now Gunzblazing launches its third new site, Jock Pussy.

From Gunzblazing:

"Jason Sparks first came to us saying he'd found a new model and wanted to build a site around him," says GunzBlazing President Robyn Way. "When we first saw pictures of Luke Hudson we were pretty excited about building this site and working with Jason on this new (for us) genre."

This comes on the heels of Gunzblazing's two other new sites, DaddysBondageBoys, and RawFuckBoys.

Damien Hyde stars alongside Luke in the latest scene.


So Jock Pussy is definitely NOT for the faint at heart. 

"Luke Hudson joined the Nationwide Model Search a couple of months ago and his popularity on tour made me realize we had a unique opportunity here," says Jason Sparks. "He's been popular with many types of guys and we hope the site will be a wide variety of people too."


Call me crazy, but this could be a concept for a site that works. Yes, this may be extreme for some - some of you still decry porn stars with tattoos, bareback porn, and gay for pay porn stars, as if any of those are going away - and prefer the tried-and-true method to creating porn that has been around for decades. But this is a niche that definitely deviates from the norm JUST ENOUGH, and it's a niche in gay porn that hasn't been filled yet. And the star is hot. And in a niche where anything must be done to survive, well...why not.

Not to mention, that frankly, this is far more interesting than their other releases this year - amateur, boring no-name porn that you can find on xTube, and boring BDSM porn that you can find hotter versions of...on xTube.  

Plus, a lot of gay men watch straight and transgendered porn (myself included), so while it's taboo for some, this isn't THAT big of a stretch.

Sometimes a little crazy works.

What do you think about Jock Pussy - too hot, or too much for you?


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