Titan Releases the "Cauke For Free" Finale

Jesse Jackman and Matthew Bosche Flip-Flop Fuck

[WATCH: "Cauke For Free: Scene 5" - Titan Men]

First they take turns on each other's cocks. Then they take turns on each other's asses

Lobbyists will do anything to get their bills passed. And these two will do anything to get some cock in their asses. Matthew Bosch gets his bill passed in Senate, and he wants to celebrate. So what does he do?

Calls now-retired lobbyist Jesse Jackman over, so they can flip-flop fuck.

1) Wasn't Jesse a not-retired lobbyist in scene 2? WHAT HAPPENED IN THREE SCENES?

2) Have you EVER seen anyone as excited to suck a dick as Jesse looks? This may need its own caption.


Luckily, Matthew Bosch pays Jesse back with some mouth service of his own.

He doesn't look as *excited* though - maybe he's caught up in the moment? Also, I know Jesse's dick is bent, but is he having erectile dysfunction?



The is par for the corse in "Cauke For President" Jesse sticks the head of his raw (and limp) dick inside Matthew.





But, Matthew returns the favor, and sticks HIS raw, limp dick head inside Jesse!




Then these boys pretend that bareback thing didn't happen, throw on some condoms, and fuck.

First, Jesse gets a hard-on and fucks Matthew...




Then Jesse gives up his ass to return the favor.null


Then Jesse and Matthew deliver some of the saddest cumshots of 2016.

Barely a few drops from either guy. Maybe the whole movie was filmed in an entire day, and both guys were exhausted? (They both seem to have trouble staying hard, so...)



Usually Gay porn stories like this end with a big orgy, and everyone snacking on everyone's cocks and asses. And those can either be really good...or really bad. And here Titan bucks the trend. But as of recent years, Titan has never really been one for an orgy - at least it sets them apart?

What do you think of the "Cauke For Free" ending?


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