Adam Driver Is Still Confusingly Hot In New Interview Magazine

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Adam Driver's career went from 0 to 60 after his role as the Lean Dunham-porking Adam on Girls, and his leap to stardom has landed him a cover on Interview Magazine! I distinctly remember watching the first season of Girls and thinking that Adam Driver looked like he should own an illegal zoo in Florida. My friend that I was watching it with, however, was wet, like WET over this guy, so I started to see Driver as the owner of an illegal zoo in Florida that I would want to cum on my face. 

There's something befuddled, humble, and yet uber masculine about Adam Driver that adds to his... sexiness(?), and it doesn't hurt that Driver has a sick, ripped bod. In Interview Magazine, Kylo Ren meets with the director Noah Baumbach to just be pretentious as shit. They talk about their experience working on Francis Ha together, as well as Driver's role in the Martin Scorsese movie Silence. I really can't with the accompanying photoshoot, which depicts Driver going about his daily routine in a dirty ass bathroom. It's artsy and farsty, but for some of you, I guess it will please your parts-ies. The entire interview is literally just the two guys talking about how cool they are, so here's a snippet, and you can head HERE for the full thang! 

On being pretentious:

BAUMBACH: I remember you came one day, when we were shooting you guys at breakfast, and you were feeling really bad because you felt like you had a bad rehearsal. 

DRIVER: That was just a window into every day. [Baumbach laughs] I feel bad about it every day. But, yeah, I was tired. 

BAUMBACH: I think that's true of you, that you invest yourself very emotionally. And I'm not talking about process or inhabiting the character or anything. I mean, just the work of it—acting and rehearsing or whatever. I feel like it stays with you after. If you don't feel good about something, you don't shake it off easily. Would you say that's true?

DRIVER: I definitely let it get to me if it doesn't go well. But what I like about your sets is that we get so many chances to do it again and again. I love the idea of doing a lot of takes because there's so many different ways that you can play scenes. And we have clear boundaries, where the script is the script, you know? 

On working Perrier into their conversation:

DRIVER: I had no idea. I just assumed everyone was there for the movie. I had no idea that that was an actual party. [both laugh] Well, now it makes sense that no one knew what the fuck I was talking about. I just showed up and started demanding things. 

BAUMBACH: "Can I get a Perrier?" No, you were a very good sport. So we met in the audition room, but I feel like we really met the day of that party. 

So do you want Adam inside you or at a 100-yard distance at all times? 

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