Carter Dane Makes Alex Mecum's Biggest Fantasy Come True

November 29, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Carter Dane takes Alex Mecum to the woods, ties him up, then undresses him and gets him off

[WATCH: Tie Me Up and Make Mecum - Cockyboys]

These Cockyboys studs know how to spend a cold, winter day!

What do YOU do on cold winter days? Sit around in your PJs? MAKE HOT CHOCOLATE? Blah. You should learn a thing or two from Alex Mecum and Carter Dane. As they're cuddling on the couch (which is goals in and of itself), Carter has the bold idea to ask Alex what his biggest fantasy is.

From Cockyboys:

Carter's always horny and he wants to get Alex on his level so he asks him about his most secret fantasy. And Alex has a good one!

Alex talks about being tied up and blindfolded in the woods when a stranger comes along and has his way with him.

So they take it to the woods.

And...Carter takes Alex's cock out of his pants and blows him.


And after some fun play, Carter Dane cums all over Alex Mecum's chest.

Because if you didn't notice, Carter Dane loves public play in the forest too. If you look through Carter Dane's filmography at Cockyboys, this is the FOURTH TIME he's been fucked in the middle of the forest. That CAN'T be by accident.



But Carter doesn't stop the fun there!

The boys go back inside. Carter leans in for a kiss, and asks Alex:

So do you ever gets to fuck the guy in his fantasy?

Alex says no but they could always add that in! 



And so they add it in. 

And Carter gives us those back bends and body positions that make him one of the best bottoms working in gay porn today. Who WOULDN'T want to fuck him?




Carter gets Alex to shoot ANOTHER load, too!

All over his chest.



If you ask me, though fall is a great time to release this scene, Halloween would have been even better - that goes double for this year, as no one released a great Halloween scene (maybe they were too tired from 2015's overload of Halloween scenes). This reminds me of last year, when Next Door World released a Halloween December.

Then again, this is the company that took 9 months to release all of the scenes in "One Erection" (and by the way, that Will Wikle film is coming out around Christmas).

What is your biggest fantasy? Has it come true yet?


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