Derek Jones Could Teach Us All A Thing About Dirty Talk

November 29, 2016 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Derek Jones could ALSO teach Collin Simpson a thing or two about dirty talk

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In GayHoopla's latest scene, the dirty talk between these two studs overshadows the fucking

That being said, neither is bad.

How do you feel about dirty talk? 

Some guys love it, while some guys hate it. Some are good at it, while some are terrible at it. Derek Jones is GREAT at it. In GayHoopla's latest scene, he shows off his impressive dirty mouth. It doesn't rival Thomas from Active Duty or Jeff Stryker's, but it may be one of the best in the business today (especially if you like being called boy). The country accent doesn't hurt either. 

Collin Simpson on the other hand, is trying, but has a way to go. GayHoopla's most popular model dirty talks in complete sentences, and it's a little distracting. It's cute to watch him try (as he was probably egged on by the directors) though. He'll get there one day.

Before getting into any hardcore fucking, Derek Jones and Collin Simpson show off their impressive physiques with some posing

Derek looks like he's rearing to go. Collin, on the other hand, looks like a scared (but ready) baby deer. In addition to showing off their impressive fronts, the guys show off their impressive BACKS(ides) too.



Derek starts off by feeding Collin his cock (as he calls it).

Derek loves every word, and every inch. He even shows us, by replying in complete sentences.





The Collin pays Derek back with some ass-licking.

Wait - whom is getting fucked?



After everything gets sorted out, Derek Jacks off Collin while fucking him.

The dirty talk continues - Derek keeps it steady, while Collin responds with complete sentences.



Then the two boys switch to missionary, and Derek rails all over Collin's ass.




The fun doesn't stop there! After both boys cum, the fun continues in the shower!

Derek sucks Collin off until he cums again! No dirty talk though - Derek's mouth is full.


Do you like dirty talk while you're fucking, or do you prefer the action speaking for itself?


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