Mike Cauke May Be the President, but Jason Vario Is The Real MVP

November 28, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

First, Jason Vario fucked Lobbyist Bruce Beckham. Now, he fucks House Speaker Alex Graham

[WATCH: Cauke For Free: Scene 4 - Titan Men]

The action goes down in the latest (and possibly final) scene in Titan Men's "Cauke For Free"

One thing we've always known: politics are dirty. One other thing we've always known: Men are horny. Put the two together, and you get some...interesting results. In the world of politics, it's every man for himself. Or...every man for the secret service agent Jason Vario. It's his duty to serve them, but they end up serving his massive cock! Alex Graham is the latest one.

“Did you see anything?” asks the nervous Speaker to Agent Vario, whose crotch hovers by his face. “I did, but I have your back.” Alex rubs the growing bulge, soon breathless as he gags on Jason’s uncut cock, spit dripping to the floor. 

I'm not quite sure what Jason saw that Alex was afraid of - maybe Jason now knows Alex is gay? But Jason has his back now, as was the plot all along.

I guess everyone wants Jason's cock! And maybe no one wants Mike Cauke? Who knows.

After some hot oral, both guys swap some spit.



Jason Vario pays Alex Graham back with a nice blowjob of his own.




Since no one can resist Jason's cock, Alex gives him ANOTHER blowjob.

He's probably trying to get it as wet as possible to prepare for the impaling he's about to get.



Then Jason basically barebacks Alex. Because the tip is just enough.

There goes titan doing that "just the tip" thing again - will they ever go full bareback, even though they kind of are right now?



Then, Jason slaps on a condom, and fucks Alex until he shoots a HUGE load all over Alex's chest.

And I don't think that was Cetaphil...


The movie doesn't seem complete, so I'm guessing that there's at least one more scene waiting to happen (and following this trend, I bet Jason Vario fucks Matthew Bosch, as Titan doesn't really do orgies anymore). But, as this is porn, I'm probably the only person in the world watching for the plot, so anything is possible at this point.

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Whom will Jason Vario fuck next?


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