Hot New Cameron Monaghan Shoot, And Did He Just Say He's Bi?

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Thanks to Black Chalk Magazine we now officially have our sexiest Cameron Monaghan photo shoot to date, as well as a possible hint that he's bi! Or even better, that he's been combing over Nick Jonas and James Franco interviews and is finally getting on the gay baiting bandwagon. Welcome Cameron! If you want to outdo your competition though, you do know that you're going to have to put a dick in your mouth.

Total redhead babe Cameron Monaghan plays the gay Ian on Shameless, and we've seen his ass many a time, as well as a brief glimpse at his dick. His on screen relationship with cutie Mickey (Noel Fisher) brought some HAWT sex scenes, and even when he gave hair pie a try on this season of this hit Showtime series, he still looked great in the buff. Basically, this boy can pretty much do no wrong, and there's never a bad time to check out his adorable face and sexy bod.

We've seen Cameron grow up over the past seven seasons of Shameless, and at 23-years-old he now has some uh-mazing body hair and a beard that I hated and then I loved. And then I hated. But you might love it. Cameron was interviewed by Justin Howard for his spread in Black Chalk Magazine (I'm writing that like I've heard of it). The little chit chat should be shaking the Gay Internet to its very core, because Monaghan gives his first hint that he might have plucked dried jizz out of the beard a time or two! Previously, the actor has stated that although his character is gay, he is indeed straight, so this definitely marks a departure. Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

Justin Howard - I want to talk about Ian for a moment. When you are playing him, you are playing a character who is different from your own sexuality. How do you find that experience?

Cameron Monaghan – I don’t find it different than playing any other character, you know. It is not playing a different sexuality, because that’s such a broad spectrum for me. It is about playing a relationship between specific characters and trying to embrace what is happening within each scene on a scene-by-scene basis. One of the huge factors  was Ian and Mickey’s relationship and working with Noel Fisher who is extremely talented. We had a good rapport on camera and a chemistry. It is always trying to find what is authentic and genuine within a scene.

You read it here folks! The interview continues:

Justin Howard – Do you find, as you say, having ‘good chemistry’ in that scene, it’s easier to portray that?

Cameron Monaghan – Absolutely, having good chemistry is always going to help during filming. Acting is not a single player game. It is about trying to be as generous as possible. In trying to provide for the other person. And usually in providing for the other person, the scene becomes better and you become better. You can’t kill a scene. You can’t walk in and say “I am going to kick some ass in this scene.” At the end of the day you have to give to other people and hope that they give back. You hope the editor supports you, you hope the director supports you. Hopefully, hopefully if all these numerous factors come together, you create something that works. That feels real and is captivating.


Justin Howard – I always like to ask that question because I have interviewed gay actors who play the straight roles, and straight actors who play gay roles. It is always interesting because they all talk about in that moment of being the character, you aren’t yourself. You are the character.

Cameron Monaghan – Hopefully, you try to be.  You try to emphasize certain parts of yourself and put down the volume on other aspects of your personality. You are always coming from your own experiences, your own emotional base. Whatever that is, you are trying to find how that relates to the current situation.

What does it all mean?! Check out the epically sexy pictures from the Cameron Monaghan photo shoot in the gallery, and head over to Black Chalk for the full scoop.


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