Osiris Blade's Massage Is Too Much For Alan Kennedy

October 14, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Alan Kennedy can neither resist Osiris Blade's hands on his body, nor cock in his face

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First, Osiris gets started by massaging Alan's back and butt



As Osiris flips Alan over, he discovers his hands are too much! Alan is hard as a rock!

But so is Osiris. And Alan can't resist Osiris' hard cock in his face. So he reaches out and slips Osiris' huge cock into his mouth. Not like Osiris minds! He pays Alan back by jacking off his cock, getting it even harder than it already is.



Once Osiris gets Alan nice and hard, he bends down and sucks his cock.

Because what's more arousing than a job well done? Alan's hard cock turns Osiris on, and soon the boys are 69-ing on the table.



After each boy's cock is good, hard, and wet, Osiris flips Alan back over for the best (and most special) part of the massage - the prostate massage!

Osiris rides Alan's ass, giving him a good and hard pounding while being draped over the massage table. Alan certainly loves it, even though he can barely take it, letting out screams of pleasure with each one of Osiris' thrusts.

Talk about deep tissue.



And of course, the massage ended in a happy ending. But not just for the massagee Alan - for the massager Osiris, too!


Have you ever had a gay massage that ended in a happy ending? Have you ever had a massage that ended in sex?


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