Bi Football Stars Antonio Luna Sergi Enrich Video is HERE!


It's no secret that we have a soft spot - or I guess a hard one - for football stars, so when I saw that there was a bi three way sex video with gorgeous footballers Antonio Luna and Sergi Enrich, I knew I had to download that shit before it was taken down from the Internet for eternity! I'm the National Archives and Records Administration for penises and buttholes, and today's disgusting three way is going in the damn vault!

Spanish football stars Antonio Luna and Sergi Enrich were made to publicly apologize after a video of them tag teaming a woman apparently into getting plunged within an inch of her life went viral on the Internet. In the short 17 second clip you can clearly make out Sergi Enrich fucking the woman like there's a prize, and Antonio Luna getting his dick sucked from said woman while he adjusts the camera to achieve just the right angle. Something he's not doing with his penis. 


Interestingly, Antonio Luna and Sergi Enrich were photographed brazenly wearing openly gay clothing while on vacation in New York City, leading people who care across The Pond to think that they're gay. In addition to the clothing, they're also holding hands! The boyfriend twins released an apology after people who didn't want to see the video somehow managed to see it (crazy how that happens). Here's their joint sorry-we-tag-teamed-a-woman-like-she-was-a-pincushion apology: Via Queerty (link below)

We likewise regret the potential damage [not only] to our image but in particular to that of our club, whose colours we represent, and that it could have offended our supporters and the city of Eibar in general.

We are aware that professional footballers should set an example in every walk of life, especially to children; this being the reason we apologise if this incident has caused harm to anyone.

Equally, we want to apologise for the damage the circulation of this video could cause to the third person involved in the video.

We wish to stress that, as SD Eibar players, an exemplary club that represents a set of fans and a city equally exemplary, we stand by the values that have been shown to us since we arrived in Eibar. We hope this incident does not in any way harm the image of the club, nor that of our team-mates.

Way to bring up the children! I don't know if this video will make your throw up in your mouth or your pants, but you should check it out either way!

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Via Queerty and C&C

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