UK Hot Jocks Explores Its Rougher Side

October 10, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

The Euro gay porn site has never been afraid to push its boundaries. Now it does so with leather, domination and rough sex

[WATCH: "AGGRO: Rough Muscle" - UK Hot Jocks]

Watch as Nick North dominates Gaston Groupier and shows him who's boss

Jesus be alliteration!

UK Hot Jocks (owned by JP Dubois and his ex Sam Barclay) have been making great porn for the last few years. They worked so well in front of the camera, that the decided to take their hand working behind it. They sometimes stretch their limits, having worked with paint, and aggression before. This scene is no different, as they show us how they can push the limits of aggression.

What a hot, piggy display of dominance!

Nick North wastes no time annihilating Gaston Groupier's hole!

In a rough display of dominance, Nick lubes Gaston up, and spreads his hole open with some fingers. No tongue or some fingering first - Go big or go home.



Then Nick displays his dominance even further, choking poor Gaston with his huge cock.

Nick opens Gaston's throat with his huge cock. Gaston chokes, but Nick just holds his head down, and throat fucks him even harder as punishment. But if Gaston likes it, is it really punishment?



Then Nick rewards Gaston, but not without still asserting his dominance.

As a reward for the great blowjob, and being able to withstand the intense throat fucking, Nick pays Gaston back by sucking his cock. But Nick ALSO holds down Gaston's throat, cutting off a portion of his air supply. Kinky!



Nick then uses poor Gaston's head as a lever while fucking him.

Nick certainly shows Gaston (and us) who is boss, as he holds Gaston's head down while fucking him. But did anyone have any doubt at this point?




Nick then displays the ultimate dominance tool - he spits in Gaston's mouth.

Gaston, being the submissive bottom he is, gladly opens his mouth and takes the saliva in it. And now, he's the ultimate pig bottom. Mission accomplished.



Who are you - would you rather dominate like Nick, or be dominated like Gaston?


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