New GayHoopla Model Bobby Effy Fucks Sean Costin

October 7, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Watch GayHoopla's biggest muscle stud break in another gay sex virgin

[WATCH: Bobby Effy First Time Gay Fuck With Sean Costin - GayHoopla]

The bodybuilder gives up his ass to yet another one of GayHoopla's newest models

First these two boys show off their muscles.

We already KNEW Sean Costin was a muscular man. But, look at Bobby Effy! Definitely not doing bad for himself.



THEN, these two boys show off their asses.

And what amazing asses they are. Sean's is nice and muscular. Bobby's? Less muscular, but a perfect bubble. It's a shame that this wasn't a flip-flop scene. Who wouldn't love to see Bobby's bubble get pounded? (that should be the name of the scene)



Then Sean Flexes at Bobby in the most awkward, yet endearing way.

He's muscular, so he knows he's got it going on. But...what would you do if someone approached you like that? If youre Bobby Effy (or any other muscle enthusiast), you'd probably be turned on.




To get Bobby ready to pound his ass, Sean gets on his knees, creeps between Bobby's legs, and blows him.

A good blowjob never hurts - it calms you down and riles you up at the same time! Bobby was "so fucking hard" in no time! Sean does great work.



Sean, being the newly great bottom he is, bounces up and down on Bobby's cock.

Could you imagine that much weight bouncing up and down on top of you? It's either really hot, really daunting, or both. 



After switching to doggy, Bobby shoots a HUGE load on Sean's muscle ass.

Proof that Sean is becoming a better and better bottom. Guess he's been taking lessons from Neal Peterson!



With an ass like that, it's a shame this wasn't a flip-flop scene. How hot would it be to see Sean Costin give up his ass, AND break in Bobby Effy's Ass? Wasted opportunity.

Also, will Sean Costin EVER top again?


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