Zak Bishop and Joey D Explore Their Slightly Kinkier Side

It's not the fisting, piss, and huge dildos that Ashley Ryder loved at Cazzo Club, but still not vanilla

[WATCH: Zak Bishop and Joey D - American Muscle Hunks]

Watch Joey D shave Zak Bishop's hole and fuck him with a dildo at American Muscle Hunks 

Some of you yesterday loved the kinky piss, fisting, huge dildo, and leather kink play that Ashley Ryder, Alexx Stier and Nico Lust experimented with at Cazzo Club. Some of you, even if you didn't LOVE it, definitely appreciated it because it wasn't your typical, run of the mill "kiss, suck, rim, stick it in, fuck, and cum" scene from a lot of gay porn companies.

Still, some of you thought it was much too kinky, and you prefer your sex on the vanilla side.

In the latest scene at American Muscle Hunks, Zak Bishop and Joey D both explore their kinky sides, without going overboard. 

But first, they get acquainted with each other's bodies. And what nice bodies they are to get acquainted to - strong and muscular, and both are #blessed with huge cocks.



But before rimming and fucking Zak, Joey bends him over to shave his hole.

Some of you like it hairy, but Joey loves it smooth - better to rim, right?



And then Joey fucks Zak - but it's anything but typical.

Joey knows Zak likes it rough. So he holds him down by the neck, and gives him a deep pounding. Zak, loving every thrust, can't help but to scream out "Daddy" repeatedly.


If this is still too kinky for you, then have fun with your typical, run of the mill, missionary sex, with the lights off through a hole in the sheet. If you love this, then I'm glad we've found a happy medium.

Which do you prefer - the hardcore kinks of Ashley Ryder, or the softer, more approachable kinks of Zak Bishop and Joey D?

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