Benjamin Blue Brings Danny Montero Out Of His Shell

September 29, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Danny Montero and Benjamin Blue had never met before, but took a natural and immediate liking to each other

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Sex makes people act in crazy ways, and makes people do crazy things. It's amazing what people will do to get off. It makes people who are dominant in the streets be submissive in the sheets. It turns butch, bodybuilder guys into bossy bottoms (like Sean Costin at Gayhoopla).

Danny Montero is definitely shy in person, but sex - and Benjamin Blue, in particular - bring out a side you wouldn't see in his real life.

Plus, with a cock as beautiful as Benjamin's, it's easy to see why Danny was attracted to him.



Again, look how beautiful Benjamin's cock looks up against Danny's tight, hairless hole.

Jesus be a curve! Guess we know Benjamin is right-handed!



Once these two can't take anymore, Benjamin bends Danny over so he can stick his tongue inside that hole.

You can tell they're into each other because they don't even waste time getting undressed. Danny doesn't even take his pants off!




Then, Benjamin lets Danny sit back as he takes Danny's cock into his mouth, all the way to the balls.

And what beautiful balls they are. Danny may be the bottom, but he doesn't seem to mind a nice blowjob at all.



As Benjamin starts fucking Danny, Danny stands up so Ben's cock can get nice and deep inside him.

And then he even starts fucking himself a little, using Ben's cock for his own pleasure.

These two explore each other's bodies - fucking, sucking and kissing - until they both erupt in cum on Danny's chest - but you'll have to head to Cockyboys to see that.



Which type are you in bed - are you normally shy like Danny, or typically bossy, like Benjamin?


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