Closeup Of Daniel Radcliffe's Hairy Ass In 'Swiss Army Man'

September 28, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

nullStill from Swiss Army Man

Surrealist comedy / drama Swiss Army Man has some truly nauseating moments  - it centers on Daniel Radcliffe as a farting corpse, AND it stars Paul Dano(!) - and if that doesn't wet your whistle, it also features some superb closeups of Daniel Radcliffe's hairy butt cheeks and super hairy butt crack. What a day to be alive!

The indie movie (available on Blu-ray October 4th) introduces us to the marooned Hank (Dano) as he plots to end his life after all hopes of being rescued from a deserted island are lost. At this precise moment he discovers a farting corpse called Manny (Radcliffe), and comes up with the idea to use the power of the farts to propel him to the mainland. Here Hank still finds himself far from civilization, but through the unlikely companionship with Manny, learns a little something about hope. Or himself. Or life or love or friendship. But most importantly, he learns that Daniel Radcliffe does indeed have the most beautiful hairy ass that's ever existed. 


The Harry Pooter appears multiple times in Swiss Army Man. Best of all, thanks to the scene when Hank rides the farting ass across the ocean, we get to see it soaking wet as well! While this movie is geared towards the kind of people who like Paul Dano, I'm definitely not going to hold that against Radcliffe - who's been steadily beefing up his nudity resume over the past years. Of course you'll probably never forget the spontaneous splooge you got from seeing THOSE Equus stills, but more recently he's kept the cream alive with frontal candids from the set of The F Word as well as ass in 2013's What If and Kill Your Darlings

What would YOU do if you were alone with Daniel Radcliffe's corpse and hairy ass, but it was farting uncontrollably? Really a WWJD moment right now! Head to the gallery for all the ass hair you can handle.

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