Is Bodybuilder Sean Costin ACTUALLY GayHoopla's Best Bottom?

September 30, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Is Sean Costin working on taking Neal Peterson's title as the best bottom at GayHoopla?

[WATCH: Uncut Zane Penn Fucks Muscle Stud Sean Costin - GayHoopla]

Watch Sean give Neal a Run for his money as he bottoms for Zane Penn in GayHoopla's latest scene

Which Sean Costin do you prefer - Sean on top, or Sean on bottom?

Many times, when we see jacked up, bodybuilder muscle studs like Sean Costin, we automatically assume that they're butch, dominant tops only, and nothing would ever dare part those muscled-up ass cheeks of theirs.

And sometimes we're right (did Zeb Atlas EVER bottom on camera during the time he was working?)

But many times we're wrong. Sean Costin has certainly topped before, and he's great at it, but it seems like the times he's bottomed certainly outweigh the times he's topped.

And he does it with musclular uncut stud Zane Penn.

This certainly isn't Zane's first scene - if you're wondering why you may or may not know who he is, he performs mainly in GayHoopla's cam shows. That being said, though it isn't his first scene, it's his first since 2015. Maybe we'll see him get in more scenes this year.

But Sean does a fine job riding this young man's cock.

But first, Sean preps Zane by using his thick lips to give Zane a blowjob.

Definitely doesn't look like Zane minds one bit. 



Zane pays Sean back by eating his muscular ass out. Look at that look in his eyes!




Sean certainly doesn't look like he's hating being dominated and having his hole taken.




Best part? Even after the scene was done, these two couldn't get enough of each other, and were still making out.




Sean is looking better and better as a bottom - this may be the finest he's ever looked with a cock up his ass. Maybe he's really coming for Neal Peterson's Crown as the best bottom at GayHoopla. And maybe everyone really IS a bottom.

And maybe Zane will show up in actual scenes more, in addition to being on cam.

Which GayHoopla model would you like to see Zane Penn fuck next?


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