TBT: Martin Sheen Showed Penis In Apocalypse Now Intro

September 15, 2016 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Acockalypse Now!

Watching celebrities this week has felt like tapping on a fish tank, waiting for the fish to take off their little fish clothes, SO since they're all floating on the surface for some reason let's make our own fun by looking at Martin Sheen's dick in the Apocalypse Now intro! Remember the days when Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber were showing their dicks, and the world was new again? Sigh.

The reason this Throwback Thursday features the intro to Apocalypse Now is that it's truly one of my favorite cinema moments - and yes that's as unique as a bro saying their fav band is Dave Matthews Band, but I feels what I feels - and until today I actually had no idea that it ALSO showed off dick from the hottest Sheen. I wonder if the high school me who saw this in film class was subconsciously influenced by the Sheen peen. Probably.


In Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 Vietnam War masterpiece Martin plays a brooding, gravel-voiced captain whose secret journey to find an actor who has had better days deep in the forests of Cambodia leads him to increasingly brutal encounters. Martin Sheen is masculine but sensitive here, and with his tan bod, hairy chest, sexy head of hair, flat tummy, and 5' 7" stature that would put him right at my nipples, he's basically a cream come true! Check out the full Apocalypse Now intro below as well as some Martin Sheen penis and ass pictures in the gallery. This is the end, bootyful friend! (Hopefully YouTube doesn't realize this clip has frontal in it).


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