Austin Ryder Fucks His Dad's Best Friend

August 22, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

When dad's away, Austin Ryder and Wesley Woods will play

[WATCH: My Dad's Best Friend - Dylan Lucas]

Watch these two enjoy a poolside fuck at Dylan Lucas

It's the next-best thing to dad / son play!

It's like that time that Garrett Cooper fucked his dad's best friend!

(We'll forget about the fact that he fucked his dad's best friend's son, and his dad's other best friend, who is now technically his step dad.)

But unlike Garrett Cooper, Austin Ryder has no ulterior motive - all he wants is to fuck his dad's best friend. And now, he gets the perfect opportunity.

Then again, who WOULDN'T want to fuck Austin Ryder?

Cute as a button, great ass, and even better hole. Not to mention, he's great at taking cock.



And after seeing Wesley Woods, you'll see why Austin was horny for him!

Then again after taking a look at Wesley Woods, you'll realize that he's NO ONE'S dilf - the guy doesn't look a day over 30, and that's pushing it. All he has is a beard. If he and Austin's dad have known each other for 12 years, maybe Wesley is into DILFs too?




DILF or not, Austin finally pounces on the opportunity to hook up with Wesley, and propositions him while dad is away.

Talk about finding some relief by the pool.






Once he finally calms him down and talks him into it, Austin gets Wesley hard with a nice blowjob.




Once the action gets too hot, these two move it inside.

Wesley pays Austin back for the blowjob by rimming his ass and opening him up for some "daddy" cock.




And then Austin bounces on Wesley's cock like a good boy.

Maybe his dad trained him well?



Have you ever fucked any of your dad's friends?


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