TBT When We Basically Saw Deaf Model Nyle DiMarco Penis

August 18, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

nullVia Instagram

Errrr my fucking God. Nyle DiMarco is a 27-year-old Adonis who rose to fame on America's Next Top Model in 2015, and in a photo proved that he's packing a huge penis that you just need! The hairy hunk maintains a perfect beard, has cheek bones up to here, EYEfuckingBROWS, a beefy bod, and of course those blue eyes that... I mean how do you even describe them?

Nyle DiMarco came out as "fluid" not too long ago, which I assume means he wants to cover me in his fluid, in which case, I consent. Nyle is an activist, and advocates hiring deaf actors for deaf roles. The 6' 2" professional model was able to put his activism to use a couple of weeks ago when he played Billy Eichner's love interest on Hulu series Difficult People. 

Being a male model, DiMarco unsurprisingly serves up a ton of shirtless action on his Instagram, but he has a habit of packing away his gorgeous junk like a Fruit Rollup in tiny little Speedos, which is why today's pictures are so important for mankind. Check out the amazing pictures in the gallery! Fluid, everywhere! 

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