Birthday Boy Toy: Bill Skarsgård Ass and Peen

August 9, 2016 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Bill Skarsgård (26)

Netflix series Hemlock Grove was basically a really confusing - albeit beautifully shot - grab bag of homo fan fiction, so there's a good change you're aware that Bill Skarsgård bared his tight ass in a memorable scene. You like vampires (even though they're called Upir here)? Hemlock Grove's got 'em. Werewolves? Got 'em. Dick wetting sexual tension between Skarsgård, an Upir, and the freakishly adorable Landon Liboiron, a werewolf? Do you even have to ask? This show casts a wide net, and I want to gobble up the catch! 


While Bill Skarsgård's nude appearance in Hemlock Grove ais pretty damn intense, you're actually going to want to head over to 2011's Simon & the Oaks, where in addition to showing off his lithe (wait, is that word reserved exclusively for sexy offenders?), twink bod and plump rump, the 6' 4" hottie gives us a dose of dick! While pulling up some conveniently crafted underwear, our gorgeous boy accidentally lets his penis slip out, and it looks like it could be the best sausage in the Skarsgård household! 

There's something about Bill's Michael Pitt-esque vibe that does serious things to me, and if you feel the same you're going to love these pics! 

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