Richard Phibbs Photographs Gorgeous 2016 Rio U.S. Gymnastics Team

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Meet the Sexy Guys You'll Be Staring At During Rio 2016 Olympics

This Friday, August 6th marks the beginning of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, which means that gays and thirsty moms everywhere are marking their calendars for the diving and gymnastics competitions. And swimming. And water polo. And of course the opening ceremony, because, pageantry! People Magazine enlists the talent, and apparently impeccable taste, of photographer Richard Phibbs to capture the insanely hot lineup of male gymnasts representing the the U.S. Phibbs HAS to know what he's doing here, because these pics are downright gymnasty! AMIRITE.  

There's nothing like seeing unconstrained dicks poking through those God-sent, ridiculous gymnastics costumes (oh, that reminds me, wrestling), while the jocks and twunks participate in events showing off their amazing bodies. After seeing these pics of Sam Mikulak, Chris Brooks, Jake Dalton, Alex Naddour, and Danell Leyva, I seriously can't wait for our team to do their part in making the Olympics as super duper gay as they are! You know what, I AM proud to be an American!

Also, is it just me, or is Sam Mikulak a beefed up Tom Daley? Check out the video and then head to the gallery for the sweaty, ripped lineup of beautiful boys!


Via People

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