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August 1, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

nullVia Twitter

Uncensored Draymond Green Penis Pic

NBA star and member of the Rio Olympics Team USA Draymond Green accidentally sent out a penis picture on Snapchat. First thought: Remind me to never use flash when shooting a dic pic! Gotta be all about that ambient lighting! If it wasn't a nice, perfect dick I'd say the picture was from a urology textbook, except instead of having cauliflower growing out of the side of it, the peen just sports a thick shaft and perfectly proportioned head. 

OF COURSE this was a total and complete accident, even though Draymond Green's explanation for Snapchatting the penis picture has changed since it was first posted. Initially, the NBA star Tweeted that his account was hacked, which would imply that the dick in question was not hanging from his 6' 4" body:

null Via Twitter

After realizing that he had nothing to be ashamed of, Draymond gave this statement:

I kinda hit the wrong button and it sucks. It was meant to be private. We're all one click away from placing something in the wrong place and I suffered from that this morning.

Before you go feeling too bad for Draymond, just know that during the NBA Finals he got thrown out of a game for smacking LeBron James' penis. Getting to second base with LeBron James? Lucky bitch! Check out Draymond Green's Snapchat dick pic below.

Via ESPN and Deadspin

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