Out of Control Sexy Zayn Malek Elle UK Photo Shoot

July 28, 2016 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Fringe With Benefits

Since I just ragged on bonker social media comments left by the obsessed Justin Beavers out there, I'm going to do everything I can to resist leaving eyelash fan fiction on Zayn Malek's Twitter after seeing this new Elle UK photo shoot! I mean gawddamn. The magazine's September issue brings five different covers featuring Zayn because sure, and the hole destroying pics prove that Zayn has grown from teen dream to full blown sex symbol. 

This by-the-books career evolution of boy banders to solo ARTISTS is pretty much a win win situation for all parties involved. Just like (and I promise I'll only say his name this one last time today) Nick Jonasty before him, Zayn is working overtime to remind us that he has hair down there and that he's a big boy with lots of ideas and important things to say! He answers the handful of questions released by Elle like a human being *cough* Jared Leto sucks balls *cough* and gives face like a fucking sex God in the pics! If I ever tried to make ANY of these faces into a camera, whoever was taking the picture would assume I stroked out. 

Since there's really no reason in trying to describe perfection and since my underwear are filling up, let's just ogle at this stunning specimen! Check out the pics in the gallery as well as a video that's basically porn if you like Zayne.


Via Elle UK

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