Hated Reality Show Naked Attraction Uncensored Pictures

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Naked Attraction Dating Show Uncensored Pictures

The UK's brand new dating reality show Naked Attraction features full frontal nudity from men and woman, and is basically the most hated thing on the Internet right now. Thankfully we've got the uncensored pictures! UK television is sometimes like K Pop music videos in the sense that I can't tell what the fuck's going on, but with a bunch of dicks in your face, does it really matter?

In the Channel 4 series one contestant faces six possible suitors in a glass box. Throughout the episode the divider hiding the completely nude participants is gradually raised, and the contestant and host comment on each new part of the body that we're privileged to. The contestant then chooses the wiener. 


Considering that people idolize The Bachelor prostitutes who are probably queefing their IUDs out of her imploding ho has at this very moment, I think it's KIND of stupid that the public is so pissed off about Naked Attraction. We want nudity, people fucking in hot tubs, and blatant, soul sucking superficiality, but we want it to be IMPLIED - legitimized just enough so that we all don't feel like a bunch of disgusting pigs.  

OKEY it's been a day over here! Gerard O'Donovan of The Telegraph says the show: 

...essentially reduced human attraction to a kind of game show meat market.

While Channel 4 claims:

This is a light-hearted and appropriately scheduled series exploring some of the science behind attraction and if our primal instincts still shape our decisions when choosing a mate.

They're both liars! Naked Attraction is garbage, but so is every reality dating show. At least this one has dicks. Check out uncensored pictures from Naked Attraction below! 


Via VICE and The Telegraph 

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