Superstar Bryan Hawn's Huge Bubble Butt in "Kiss My Ass"

July 11, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Kiss It? I'll Devour It! 

I must be really behind the times, because I still can't figure out exactly what the hell a Bryan Hawn is, even though we've seen his music videos and gigantic bubble butt before. Hopefully his newest YouTube clip "Kiss My Ass" will help clear things up!


If you're one of those people who Photoshops celebrity faces onto ripped naked porn star bodies, you'll totally dig the Andy Samdberg / Sean Cody model mashup as he takes on the h8ers while showing his huge naked bubble butt in his newest music video (below).

Bryan Hawn is a celebrity (?) famous (?) for his pop culture send-up music videos on YouTube, his fitness workouts (according to his Sandals-inspired website he's the "#1 Best Selling Health & Fitness Author"), as well as his willingness to go naked and show off his Kardashian-worthy bubble butt that will turn the most staunch of bottoms into tops! According to his Artistwiki page, Bryan "is on his way to making his mark as one of the greatest male vocalist of all time," which is pretty fucking exciting!

The Renaissance man candy is a bit of an international model as well, and is "featured on Billboards in Los Angeles, Phone Kiosks in Time Square, including department stores, Macy's, Dilliards, and JC Penny" (Via Such an enema. I mean enigma.

Check out Bryan Hawn's full YouTube video below! Did you just become a top? 


UPDATE: The man of the hour himself cleared things up for us in the comment section! Check it out!

I am currently a 4 time Best Selling Health & Fitness Author and I use youtube videos to market my publishing company where you can buy fitness tips, coffee table books, calendars, and an autobiography. That is who I am. I have other skill sets that help me execute effective marketing strategies which include, singing, piano, songwriting, zoology, and fitness modeling. I also film everything myself on a tripod and do all my own editing.

Via YouTube and and Artistwiki

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