Hello, Soccer Star Ricardo Noir's Penis in Leaked Selfie


Well hello there, Ricardo Noir and Ricardo Noir's thick cock! This has been such an amazing week for celebrity nudity (as well as non-nude Nick Jonas gay sex), that I was all set to hang up my chaps and call it a day. Don't want to be greedy!

But greedy I am. Whether it's cock and balls on the field or a romantic gesture of cock and balls in a dick pic to a girl, sports stars are a pretty consistent source of D&A (Dicks & Ass (let's name that a thang please!)). Soccer (slash football if you're a worldly ho) stars seem to whip it out more than most, and thankfully Argentinean footballer Ricardo Noir takes us to the dark side with this super hot dick shot below. I mean, holy MOLEy this guy his perfect! As C&C (link below) points out, according to the pic above Ricardo is a top!



Via C&C

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