Watch Kyle Dean Return To What He Does Best: TOPPING

June 3, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Kyle Dean returns the "fucking" favor to Collin Simpson

[WATCH: Collin's First Time Bottoming - Fucked By Kyle Dean - GayHoopla]

Watch Collin Simpson take his first cock ever in the follow up to Kyle Dean's bottom cherry-popping scene at GayHoopla

As we all know, yesterday, Kyle Dean finally took his first cock up the ass at GayHoopla. And newbie Collin Simpson was on the giving end. 

But the scene was actually a two-parter. After Collin topped Kyle, they flip-flopped, and Kyle returned to what he does best: topping.

First, the boys show off their impressive musculature.

It's been very interesting watching Kyle develop from in-shape 18-year-old kid to bonafide bodybuilder over the last year. That being said, Collin Simpson's body is just as impressive. Both of these guys definitely eat their fair share of wheaties.


Then we get to see a little foreplay action.

We see Kyle fuck Collin with the same butt plug that Collin fucked him with. Collin's hole seems eager for it, and his body seems to enjoy it, as he screams out that he wants more. He even asks Kyle "please fuck me!" 

So polite.

Kyle still hasn't sucked a dick, though. No, I'm not gonna let it go until he does. 


Kyle Dean gives Collin Simpson the fuck he deserves, and the one we all know him for.

And Collin loves every minute and every stroke from Kyle's cock. Talk about payback!


And after they fuck, Kyle Dean lets out one of his biggest loads ever all over Collin's bubble butt.

Jesus be a hefty cum shot!

And after - which may be the best part of the scene - Collin shows off that he can twerk, bouncing his ass cheeks up and down, one by one, showing off Kyle's cum shot even better.

If that doesn't make you want to fuck him, I don't know what will.

Hopefully we'll see more of these two, and more of Kyle on bottom.


Do you prefer Collin Simpson on top or on bottom?

Does the phrase "cialis cock" turn you on?


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