Alex Mecum Says "Fuck It" To His Responsibilities

June 1, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Little does his boss know, Alex Mecum saying "fuck it" to his responsibilities means calling out of work and fucking Brendan Phillips

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Watch as he plays hooky in's latest scene

On the day of a huge meeting no less!

But sometimes you have to do what you have to do! And Alex didn't NEED to do Brendan Phillips, but he certainly needed to take his mind off work and let some steam off. If he didn't he was going to drive himself crazy.

So Alex did what he needed to do, which meant doing WHO he wanted to do. 

That WHO? None other than Brendan Phillips.

First, we see Brendan Phillips go down on Alex's cock, deep-throating it like the cock slut he is.


Once neither one can take any more, Alex gives Brendan a nice pounding.

Once Brendan's hole opens up, he turns into an even bigger cock slut, screaming out "Fuck Me As Hard As You Want!" 

Alex Certainly obliges, bending Brendan over and fucking him over one of the most beautiful bathtubs you've ever seen.  



Alex Mecum and Brendan Phillips then take that one position that we're not sure if people actually do, and turn it upside down.

Normally in this position, Brendan would be upside down, and Alex would be fucking him from overhead. But in their interpretation, Alex is upside down, fucking Brendan from below. How Alex managed to stay hard with all the blood rusing to his head is beyond me - Kudos to him.




Not only that, but they do it one one of the most beautiful couches in one of the most beautiful rooms.

If you're not into this scene for the sex, stay for the decor - between the bathtub and the rooms, this house is beautiful.

Have you ever played hooky from work? And did it result in sex?


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