Hugh Hunter Dominates Jack Hunter

May 27, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

First Hugh Hunter "locks" Jack Hunter up, and then he has his way with him.

[WATCH: Jack Hunter and Hugh Hunter - American Muscle Hunks]

Watch the action unfold at American Muscle Hunks

Jack Hunter is no stranger to American Muscle Hunks. He's starred in scenes with Joey D, getting busy in the bathroom of a gay bar. And while Hugh Hunter has starred at American Muscle Hunks before, this will be his first time starring with someone who isn't his boyfriend Dolf Dietrich. And he gets to dominate Jack Hunter.  

At the beginning, Jack is "locked up". I put "locked up" in quotes, because he's not in a cage or tied up in the way you'd expect him to be when you hear that phrase. No no - Hugh has "locked" Jack up in the hotel room's shower. Yes. You read that right.

It's as funny to Jack as it is to you; watch the scene closely, and you'll see Jack almost laugh in an awkward "why is this necessary" way.

But once the awkward part was over, Jack definitely didn't seem to mind.


Hugh Hunter shows his skills as a top

Everyone needs a relentless power fuck in their lives every now and then, whether it's on top or on bottom. And those power fucks come at a dime a dozen, especially in gay porn. But the best part of this scene is the way that Hugh dominates Jack WITHOUT having to yell, be overly aggressive for show, and cardio power fuck the hell out of him. Hugh shows off his quiet domination side, and Jack can't get enough.

Hugh has his way with Jack, but his way seems to be letting Jack give Hugh the best blowjob he can give without cutting off the boys circulation and choking him to death. He then gives Jack a slow fuck (which you also almost never see in porn) that obviously drives Jack crazy. Hugh DOES eventually pick up the speed to appease you all at the end, though.

All that being said, and while this was a great scene, I'd have liked to have seen two things:

The boys are HUGH HUNTER AND JACK HUNTER. Are y'all not going to at the least acknowledge, and at the most, play up, the fact that the share a porn last name? No? Oh okay.

While Hugh is a great top and certainly has a great cock, Jack Hunter has one of the biggest cocks in the business right now. Not to mention the fact that both of these guys are versatile. Watching Jack dom Hugh to return the favor would have been seriously hot.

All that being said, this was a great scene, and I am well pleased - are you?


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