ICYMI: Obscenely Gay Naval Academy Herndon Monument Climb

May 26, 2016 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


2016 Herndon Monument Climb 

In case you forgot your responsibility to constantly nurture your peen, May 23rd marked the 2016 ascending of the Herndon Monument in Annapolis, MD by Navy plebes. The annual event makes the hairs on the back of taints everywhere stand up straight as dozens of incoming Navy freshmen must form a human pyramid to climb a greased 21 inch, I mean, 21 foot, hard slab and place protection on the tip. It's actually a hat, but COME ON! 

The shirtless young bucks wear navy athletic shorts, and the pics of the event look like they're from a Sean Cody team building workshop! The climbing of the Herndon Monument demonstrates the ability to work as a unified unit with a common goal: Protecting America. The plebes are simultaneously paying tribute to fallen soldiers of years past while celebrating their own future of service.

I'll be paying respect to these boys all afternoon! Check out the sexy pictures on the gallery! 

Via Capital Gazette and Navy Times

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