Sex Toy Review: The Bull Bag

May 18, 2016 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


While sex toy taxanomy doesn't quite elude Perfect Fit's Bull Bag, the stretchy black sac meant to encase your nuts certainly deserves a footnote. This dick-stinctive toy was released a couple of months ago, and after hearing all the buzz we had to try it out for ourselves here at Fleshbot Gay!

The Bull Bag (along with its cousin, the Bull Bag Buzz) is an ultra stretchy satchel that you pull over your boys for some alone time, porking time, or simply if you're looking to accessorize for a night out in West Hollywood. It falls under the proud but scarce lineage of sac bag toys, which are not to be confused with ball stretchers.

The first thing that stood out to me about the Bull Bag is honestly its adorable design. With exaggerated, rounded elements this sex toy bucks the trend of looking menacing as fuck in favor of looking like a Michael Graves for Taint product. The nonthreatening material is velvety soft, and shortly after I opened the Bull Bag about 5 people in my officer were fondling it. Did I mention I work at Fleshbot?

The toy is meant to give you a gentle stretch while also providing 360 degree stimulation around your nuts. The Bull Bag Buzz, which is actually the model that was sent to me, includes a vibrating option with three speeds. Here's what Perfect Fit's CEO has to say about the product:


If you're looking at the Bag's size and thinking "Mary-Kate Olsen could use that as a backpack," you're not alone. It's meant to accommodate balls up to a medically fascinating size. If your nuts don't fill out the sac, you are going to lose out on some of the sensations (especially the vibrator since it's located at the bottom). Of course there's plenty of playing around to be done to get yourself off (tug on the Bag, squish it up hard against your grundle - but I wouldn't know anything about that...), and if you use it with a partner you can get some extra heft with your ball slamming action.

Basically, if you are searching for a sex toy that doesn't look like an entire Polly Pocket meant to go up your hoo ha, give the Bull Bag a try. If nothing else you'll have a cute new clutch. 


The Bull Bag Buzz was provided by Perfect Fit

Check out the website for more information

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