Is Johnny V Versatile Now?

May 13, 2016 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Johnny V and muscle stud Lawrence Portland take turns fucking each other in the latest scene at American Muscle Hunks

[WATCH: Johnny V and Lawrence Portland - American Muscle Hunks]

It's something I've said before, something I still believe, and something I'll say again: The best bottoms make the best tops. Bottoms know what feels good, and know how to open things up, et al. in ways that a total top may not.

Not only that, but Johnny V, who is one of gay porn's current biggest bottoms, has turned many bottoms into great tops. Micah Brandt and Michael Delray come to mind. But this time, it's Johnny V's turn to turn himself into a top. He isn't a total top in this scene, but he and porn newcomer Lawrence Portland take turns fucking each other.

In this scene, we get to see another rare treat: a black guy bottoming in gay porn.


I think we all know, and no one knows how it happened, but some time in history, black men became cast as the dominant tops of the world. This is true in both porn and real life. It may come as a shock to some, but some of us like bottoming and feeling a cock in our ass too.

That's evident in the way Lawrence takes Johnny's cock, as well as he gives Johnny HIS cock. It's always refreshing to see a gay porn scene with the black guy on bottom (or even a straight porn scene with a black girl getting fucked by a white guy). And it always feels weird to say, but I feel like I should tell Johnny V thank you for this.

Who would you like to see Johnny V top next?


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