Matt Anders Had One Mission...And He Chose To Accept it.

May 11, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

The Mission? Find the hottest tourist he could, and put the sex on him

[WATCH: Language Barrier Part 3 - Men]

The tourist he found? None other than Hector de Silva.


When Will Braun asks you to jump, you don't hesitate - you simply ask "how high?"

In this case, Will Braun didn't ask Matt Anders to jump, but he DID give him a mission, so same diff.

The mission Will gave Matt? Find the hottest tourist he could, and lure him back to his pad for some sexy times.

It may not be Berkeley - a college town with a lot of liberal energy mixed with college aged men looking for dick, but just like in any large city, there are certainly men looking for the dick.

So Matt took his challenge with enthusiasm, and set out into the city to find the hottest man he could find for some dicking.

His choice? None other than Spanish top Hector de Silva.

Good choice, if you ask me.

Once they start talking, Matt realizes that Hector is indeed a tourist. He's from Spain and speaks Spanish. Matt, being not from Spain, speaks no Spanish. I suppose these two have a language barrier.

But we all know that a language barrier is no barrier for the language of love, and it certainly doesn't stop Hector from delivering a hot power fuck to Matt's ass.

I guess we could say that this ass was a "fait accompli".

If you were Matt Anders, which tourist would you have picked up? Would it have been Hector de Silva, or another porn star? 



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