Admit it, Half Naked Laurent Claude Gaudette is Sexy

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Good Morning...keep it hip people.

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Ariel Winter's Boyfriend, Half Naked Laurent Claude Gaudette 

Whether you like it or not, you will want to fuck half naked *artist* Laurent Claude Gaudette once you see him in these Instagram pics. Ariel Winter's boyfriend is currently one of the most hated men around, as straight guys deal with the reality that he's the one having sex with the boob queen. 

Winter, 18, of Modern Family fame, has been going full Kardashian recently and is testing Kinsey scales everywhere with some uh-mazing and uh-mazingly shameless cleavage pics. Credit where credit is due! The world began asking "Who is Laurent Claude Gaudette" when Ariel made red carpet appearances with him and started snapping a ton of lovey dovey pics. 

While everyone is pretty fucking confused as to what the hell boyfriend Gaudette does, he is in fact a brooding musician with his own record label. After you hear his work you'll lose all faith in humanity, but once you see his Nicholas Hoult realness and fuzzy, insanely lean bod, you'll want to get penetrative with Gaudette. This boy's a real taint twister! Here's one of his most moving songs:


And if you didn't hang yourself 3 seconds in, here are some of his sexy ass Instagram pics! His captions really make you think. Since Ariel can have any man in the world, we'll trust that in addition to his beautiful bod and face Laurent has a fantastic... personality! 



We always love them more than they love us.

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Good Morning

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