You Need Photographer Charlie Rogers 'Men Over 50' Series

March 31, 2016 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Charlie Rogers and the Senior Citizen Dismount

Popular gay photographer Charlie Rogers has a bunch of super gay photos on his website, but he's most know for his interest in capturing the post 50 male form. In his world, members of the over 50 club look like clones of a porn star with a name like Cliff Fisty (I just realized I'm not good coming up with porn names! Damn!) as they're all going for the Titan Men chic look. The ongoing project has received praise as an antidote to youth-obsessed gay culture. 

Rogers says of his series: Via Instinct

It started as an openness to photographing guys who were not traditionally considered as obvious photographic subjects.  I’ve always been drawn to older men, even in my friendships, so it was pretty predictable that I’d choose them as subjects as well. I like to photograph a man who looks like he’s lived, and he can bring the story of his life, the hardships and triumphs, into my photos without my ever needing to know the specifics of his story. I devoted that section on my site to men over 50 because I don’t think they get to see themselves in photos enough.

In addition to plenty of trips to GNC, it looks like the lives lived by these hunks includes stretching the fuck out of undies with some nice dicks! In his photos Rogers pairs the veins, hairy chests, and salt and pepper goodness with tighty whities and tennis shoes, God bless him! Are you all about the men in these photos, or do you like your distinguished guys to look like more human being-esque? Check out the pics in the gallery and decide!

Via Charlie Rogers, Advocate, and Instinct

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