And, It's a Hardcore Gaping Video

March 22, 2016 | Posted in Amateur by his_excellency

In these daily amateur posts we haven't really looked at any of the hardcore gaping videos circulating out there. Well, until now. This hot German camboy with the user name "iloveanalchallenge" has a routine that includes, you guessed it, sticking huge dildos up his ass. In today's vid he starts off with a sizable red one before whipping out a monster black cock that you just don't see everyday. Our boy gracefully fucks himself with it while teasing his ass, and the viewer, by rubbing the dildo around his hole before sticking it up his pipe. 

Are you one of the thousands of viewers who have fapped to this guy's work, or any of the other countless other gaping clips on the gay Internet? Do we all need more gaping in our lives?! 

Via xHamster

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