Two Rugby Players Showed Ass On Live Television

March 17, 2016 | Posted in Editorial Features by his_excellency


Rugby Players Rhys Evans and Matthew Russell Nude

Recently I was musing over some prose from a poem I read a while back "You wanna hug me, Hey, hey, hey, What rhymes with hug me? Hey, hey, hey," and I was thinking, '"Tug me." Tug me rhymes with hug me. After seeing even more ass in this vid from the blessed creatures we call rugby players, I'm also realizing that "rugby" kind of rhymes with hug me. More so than "fuck me" at least. Rugby, hug me, tug me, fuck me... it all makes sense now!

ANYfuckingway, a reader sent in this double dumpers rugby scene that occurred last week on live television. The two super tuggable and fuckable players, Rhys Evans and Matthew Russell, are on the same team (in more than one way I hope) and were both pantsed by the opposing players.  

While we only get to see half ass from blondie Rhys Evans, 23, adorable teammate Matthew Russell, 22, doesn't disappoint with some great shots at his butt as all the players watch jealously while the back of their teammates hand grazes that crack. It should come as no surprise that their team, the Warrington Wolves, beat the Catalans Dragons 30 to 20, because the other players obviously had to deal with their semis for the rest of the game! Here's the full vid, and check out the stills in the gallery!  

Via ausCAPS

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